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Loft Planning Permission by Loft Conversions Bromley

As long as you conform to the regulations set out, you will not need loft conversion planning permission. To check whether you need to get planning permission before starting your loft conversion, you'll need an architect or builder.

Cases Without Planning Permission In Bromley, Greater London

While you probably won't need planning permission, you will need building regulations approval on structural elements and electrical works.

Loft Conversions Bromley will advise you that when converting a loft, you will need building regulations approval. Building regulations were put in place to make sure that any work done is structurally sound, that the new room is fire safe and that sound is reasonably insulated between the loft and the rooms below.

Need Planning Permission In Bromley

If conditions were attached to the original permission for your property then you may need planning permission for your loft. If you are planning on extending beyond the limits and conditions of pd, or your property is listed or located in a conversation area, then you will need to apply for planning permission with the help of Loft Conversions Bromley.

You should always check with your local planning authority to ensure you do not require planning permission, as in some cases pd rights may have been removed.

Loft Conversions Bromley Carried Out Loft Conversion

Here at Loft Conversions Bromley we offer the best advice to help you with your home improvements and to ensure you avoid any problems down the line when planning your loft conversion.

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